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2022 Volunteer of Distinction Awards

To locate a specific honoree, please search under the student’s academic college or nominating program below. Students are featured in alphabetical order by last name.

First Name Last Name Major
Anton Astner Biosystems Engineering (Ph.D.)
Weston Box Food And Agricultural Business
Sydney Craig Animal Science
Hunter Hammock Plant Sciences
Taryn Harris Animal Science (Pre-veterinary concentration)
Ross Houston Biosystems Engineering
Ian Kane Food and Ag Business
Jessica Klabnik Animal Science
Jordan Mackdanz Animal Science
Ashleigh Montgomery Environmental Science
Sneh Patel Food Science
Ben Pritchard Plant Sciences
Nickolus Stahlman Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Alexander Tuttle Environmental and Soil Science
Austin Worrell Environmental & Soil Sciences

First Name Last Name Major
Grace Altenbern Architecture
Leah Gardner Architecture
Olivia Gingerich Architecture
Briley Houston Architecture
Gina Nguyen Architecture
Lydia Russell Architecture
Sophia Spock Architecture
Yessenia White Interior Architecture
Ashley Ebbert Interior Architecture
Haley Dennis Landscape Architecture
Carson Fisher Architecture
Olivia (Kristin) Pitts Architecture
Brooklyn Poff Interior Architecture

First Name Last Name Major
Ashlyn Anderson College Scholars Program
Robert Austin Psychology
Ethan Barlow English
Nuveen Barwari Master of Fine Arts
Marissa Bauer Psychology
Gavin Belfry Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Faith Belt Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting and Drawing
Sarah Betz Psychology
Michael Bloodworth Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design
Gabrielle Boyer Religious Studies
Justin Brueggeman Biological Sciences
Macy Burchfield Mathematics
Keri Burge Anthropology
Brian Byerly Honors Latin
Jerica Cartwright Sociology
Elliott Childress Interdisciplinary Programs
Emily Constantin Religious Studies & Mathematics
Alexis Culver Biological Sciences
Lydia Davis Classics – Latin
Caro del Marjane History and Religious Studies
Matthew Demberger Religious Studies – Religion and Nonprofit Leadership
Lauren Donnally Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
Heather Doyle English
Madison Dyer Biology with concentration in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Hannah Eggleston Interdisciplinary Programs
Maggie Eslinger Chemistry
Charles Evans Religious Studies & English
Ashley Fish Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Denee Freeman Psychology
Ignacio Garcia Religious Studies
Rajesh Ghimire Nuclear Physics
Hannah Grigorian Clinical Psychology
Brennan Hackett Nuclear Physics
Hannah Hagewood Chemistry
Rose Hamm Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting and Drawing
Lily Hardwig English
Elijah Hix Chemistry
Joshua Honeycutt Political Science/Modern Foreign Lang & Lit.
Qing Huang Condensed Matter Physics
Nicholas Hunt Physics
Madison Jenks Political Science/English
Mary Jensen Psychology
Hailey Johnson Psychology
Addison Jones English
Ethan Kessinger Mathematics
Lindsey Kirkpatrick Psychology
Jerome Kovoor Physics
Morgan Kramer English
Emma Kruse Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
William Leone Psychology
Anastasia Lewis Master of Fine Arts – Sculpture
Eric Loya English
Merrill Loya English
Megan Maclean Sociology/Political Science
Taylor Mattioli Geology and Environmental Stdy
Galvin McCarver Chemistry
Sean McHugh Neuroscience
Jacqueline Mellinger Psychology
Jyotirmoy Mondal Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
Anahvia Moody Counseling Psychology
Rhianna Moore EPS – Geology
Zackary Mullins Psychology and Sociology
Navit Nachmias Anthropology/Modern Foreign Lang & Lit
Shree Neupane Physics
Alivia Nytko Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Henry Oakley Religious Studies
Udodirim Onwubiko Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
Hayley Owen Psychology
Tessa Patton Biological Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration
Chloe Penton Modern Foreign Lang/Literature
Marjorie Perkins Counseling Psychology
Sarah Rainey English
Maya Rao Geography/Sustainability
Isabella Reed English
Sydney Sharp Psychology
Maninder Singh Physics
Zoe Smith Classics – Classical Archaeology
Laura Stanley Psychology
Qiwei Sun Psychology
Megan Thibert Psychology
Gretchen Thomas English
Allie Torres-Lopez School of Art – Graphic Design
Andrew Tucker Biological Sciences
Wilson Wang Chemistry
Gary White Masters of Fine Arts – Ceramics
Cyrus Yoshimoto Classical Archaeology

First Name Last Name Major
Whitney Brakefield Data Science and Engineering
Dustin Gilmer Energy Science and Engineering
Michelle Lehmann Energy Science and Engineering

First Name Last Name Major
Karli Ailshie Business Analytics/Political Science
Anita Bhasin Business Analytics
Ameera Bhatti Economics
Lucy Buck Supply Chain Management
Brayden Campbell Business Analytics
Patrick Clippinger Supply Chain Management
Alyssa Grissom Marketing/Supply Chain Management
Walker Hale Finance
Kianna Holder Business Analytics
Campbell Jessop Business Analytics
Jennifer Jestings Business Analytics
Emma Kreiss Marketing
Courtney Lam Accounting
Dariana Martre Supply Chain Management
Suzanne Mcquilkin Marketing
Joe Roebuck Supply Chain Management
Kendall Shields Dual Major: Data Analytics and Management
Sneha Sinha Business Analytics
Logan Tennell Supply Chain Management
Madelyn Walsh Finance & Supply Chain Management
Devin Wilkinson Finance
Allison Willoughby Marketing
Joshua Wiseman Accounting

First Name Last Name Major
Kelsey Badger Information Sciences
Nicholas D’Alessandro Advertising
Katie Hartman Advertising
Emily Holt Public Relations
Lindsay Jones Public Relations
Ahmed Mustufa BS – Information Sciences
Sami Roebuck Journalism & Electronic Media
Riley Woody Journalism & Electronic Media

First Name Last Name Major
Lauren Beasley Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Payton Benko Kinesiology
A. “Cap” Capannola Child and Family Studies
Lily Deinhart Audiology and Speech Pathology
Kameron Edwards Recreation and Sport Management
Holly Fussell Audiology and Speech Pathology
Taylor Gonzalez Audiology and Speech Pathology
Katelyn Henderson Recreation and Sport Management
Kaylie Homberg Recreation and Sport Management
Kate Johnson Kinesiology
Ally Lanier Recreation and Sport Management
Moira McCabe Child and Family Studies/Psychology
Madeline Pabst Hotel, Restaurant, And Tourism
Malia Stovall Recreation and Sport Management
Amy Walker Child and Family Studies
Amara Wiggan Recreation and Sport Management
Jessica Woidtke Kinesiology
Bridget Wooleyhand Recreation and Sport Management

First Name Last Name Major
Corey Arndt Mechanical Engineering
James Baker Chemical Engineering
Joseph Bayless Civil Engineering
Annie Berens Nuclear Engineering
Michael Bethell Materials Science and Engineering
Claudia Bible Civil Engineering
Charles Blalock Civil Engineering
Kenneth Bott Nuclear Engineering
Robert Bray Computer Science
David Burgess Nuclear Engineering
Jared Carnes Aerospace Engineering
Jacob Clark Materials Science and Engineering
Mollie Daniell Materials Science and Engineering
Alexandra Defilippis Mechanical Engineering
Emma Drum Mechanical Engineering
Lauren Eccles Chemical Engineering
Xuesong Fan Materials Science and Engineering
Neal Gaffin Nuclear Engineering
Darcie Halliburton Civil Engineering
Trenton Henderson Aerospace Engineering
Ashley Hightower Civil Engineering
Megan Hobbs Civil Engineering
Gillian Holcomb Materials Science and Engineering
Michelangelo Hooghkirk Materials Science and Engineering
Xi Jiang Civil Engineering
Joseph Kingsley Chemical Engineering
Paxton Lifsey Civil Engineering
Grant Lowe Civil Engineering
Kendall Miller Industrial & Systems Engineering
Samaneh Morovati Electrical Engineering
Amirsalar Moslehy Civil Engineering
Karan Patel Computer Engineering
Haley Pelham Civil Engineering
Jeremiah Pham Civil Engineering
Konnor Porter Mechanical Engineering
Kami Reid Civil Engineering
Kalina Scarbrough Industrial & Systems Engineering
Alexandria Smith Civil Engineering
Eilish Stanek Mechanical Engineering
Luke Stanley Biomedical Engineering
Brianna Stehlik Biomedical Engineering
Jingjing Sun Electrical Engineering
Yanchen Sun Civil Engineering
Auken Van Chemical Engineering
Erin Van Hoozier Civil Engineering
Shule Yu Mechanical Engineering
Fengpei Yuan Mechanical Engineering
Yajie Zhao Materials Science and Engineering

First Name Last Name
Peyton Smith
Mikah Roberts

First Name Last Name Major
Morgan Amick Nursing
Mary Bosson Nursing
Kaitlyn Carmichael Nursing
Mika Long Nursing
Elizabeth Martin Nursing
Sarah Mccloud Nursing
Lauren Munoz PhD
Candace Reid Nursing
Alexandra Sain Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice
Tavyn Santee Nursing
Jillian Simpson Nursing
Whitney Stone Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice
Alexis Taylor Nursing
Megan Tomasek Nursing
Emma Vysoky Nursing

First Name Last Name
Jessie Baer
Rheame Ali
Fatima Alzhyri
Reagan Dodson
Melinda Franklin
Laura Harbin
Emily Kwiatkowski
Abigail Long
Emily Norris
Melanie Stoutt

First Name Last Name Major
Abigail Bacci Supply Chain Management
Lexi Bales Biological Sciences
Mikayla Bardwell Business Analytics
Mallory Beil Human Resource Management
Ava Bell Public Policy & Administration
Samantha Bender Kinesiology
Luke Brice History, Geography
Madison Bryant Management
Edith Burdette Marketing
Emma Carlton Communication Studies
Amanda Curran Child and Family Studies
Peyton Davis Mechanical Engineering
Emily Dilullo Geography
Kylie Duckworth Biological Sciences
Lillian Felts Recreation /Sport Management
Morgahn Fingall Kinesiology
Anna Fox Political Science
George Goodwyn Finance, Business Analytics
Seth Halvorsen Hospitality &Tourism Managemnt
Kara Holt Neuroscience
Benjamin Joyce Finance
Danika Katzer Kinesiology
Caroline Lewis Anthropology
Lucille Marret Political Science
William Mazur Biological Sciences, Neuroscience
Nicholas Mccann Biological Sciences
Eli Nahom Mechanical Engineering
Mackenzie Ostrom Advertising
Jensen Overbay Kinesiology
Sydney Pardy Kinesiology
Kaitlin Parsons Kinesiology
Giana Pellizzon Recreation /Sport Management
Jessie Rennie Recreation /Sport Management
Kiara Robinson-Milloy Neuroscience
Ashley Rogers Kinesiology
Trude Rothrock Biological Sciences
Hunter Salmon Nuclear Engineering
Emily Saunders Recreation /Sport Management
Katherine Schildmeyer Civil Engineering
Sydney Seymour Marketing
Kendall Shields Business Analytics, Management
Danielle Shipp Special Education
Logan Steenstra Kinesiology
Malia Stovall Recreation /Sport Management
Katherine Thronson Biological Sciences
Natalie Ungaretti Biological Sciences
Matthew Wade Gardiner Supply Chain Management
Madelyn Walsh Supply Chain Management, Finance
Giselle Washington Kinesiology

First Name Last Name Major
Michelle Buitrago Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Erin Duble Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Hannah Durick Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Brian Gleaves Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Kristina Kravchenko Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Sarah Stalans Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Kaitlin Tice Doctor of Veterinary Medicine