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Administrative Staff

This page provides a more complete view of the various duties and responsibilities of the administrative staff for the Office of the Provost.

Office of the Provost

Angie Cross

Administrative Coordinator for the Provost

  • Serves as internal and external point of contact for all requests of the provost
  • Coordinates administrative workflow for provost
  • Composes and edits communications from the provost’s office
  • Manages the provost’s calendar
  • Schedules recurring meetings, organizes provost sponsored meetings, and compiles meeting agendas
  • Coordinates nomination and selection process for select faculty awards, honorary degrees, and chancellor’s professors
  • Provides administrative support for academic and administrative searches

Heather Cockrum

Events Coordinator for the Provost

  • Coordinator for provost-sponsored events
  • Project manager for internal office initiatives


Academic Affairs and Student Success

Jos Ramos

Assistant for Robert Hinde, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Amber Williams, Vice Provost for Student Success

  • Serves as initial point of contact, for both internal and external stakeholders, for all requests of the vice provosts for academic affairs and student success
  • Facilitates academic program reviews and mid-cycle reviews
  • Supports various committees and activities within the Office of the Provost related to undergraduate academic affairs and student success

Enrollment Management

Elizabeth Tampas-Dixon

Administrative Coordinator for Vice Provost Kari Alldredge

  • Serves as internal and external point of contact for all requests of the vice provost for enrollment management
  • Coordinates administrative workflow for the vice provost
  • Manages the vice provost’s calendar
  • Schedules recurring meetings, organizes vice provost sponsored meetings and compiles meeting agendas
  • Provides administrative support for departmental searches

Faculty Affairs

Kirsten Schroeder

Faculty Affairs Coordinator

  • Oversees faculty employment action processes.
  • Oversees compliance related to faculty employment action processes including academic searches, faculty appointments, faculty leave, faculty evaluation, and tenure and promotion.
  • Serves as the point of contact for Elements, Interfolio and Online Faculty Review System inquiries.

Krysta Rutland                                                              

Faculty Affairs Assistant                                               


  • Composes and issues appointment letters.
  • Provides support for faculty employment action processes such as academic searches, promotion and tenure process, faculty leave including development leave and leaves related to the Faculty & Family Care Policy.

Jenn Edwards

Administrative Specialist II

  • Serves as internal and external point of contact for scheduling for the vice provost for faculty affairs.

Global Engagement

Amy Gregory

Administrative Coordinator for Vice Provost Gretchen Neisler

  • Serves as internal and external point of contact for all requests of the vice provost for international affairs
  • Manages the vice provost’s calendars and compiles meeting agendas
  • Plans events for the vice provost that are strategic priorities and unit led initiatives, coordinates elements of vice provost travel and international visitors to campus
  • Coordinates internal strategic development initiatives – such as working groups, and internal leadership teams, ensuring they are making progress and have clear communication and access to and from the vice provost
  • Works with confidential information, discretion and sensitivity regarding international affairs reflecting a high level of discretion

Graduate School

Millie Cheatham

Administrative Coordinator to Vice Provost and Dean Dixie Thompson

  • Serves as internal and external point of contact for all requests of the vice provost and dean
  • Coordinates administrative workflow for the vice provost and dean
  • Manages the calendar for the vice provost and dean
  • Serves as the office manager for the Graduate School
  • Coordinates most Graduate School sponsored programs and events
  • Provides administrative support for Student/Faculty Research Awards
  • Provides administrative support for monthly meetings of the Graduate Associate Deans

Academic Resources

Michael Bookmyer

Director of Academic Finance

  • Provides oversight of the provost academic budget and executive human resource function
  • Supervises finance and administration staff
  • Develops and reviews provost business process and policy
  • Provides support to the vice provosts
  • Conducts financial planning and analysis

Connie Beatty

Connie BeattyAdministrative Support Assistant

  • Manages chancellor’s, provost’s, vice chancellors’, and vice provosts’ guest traffic and phone calls
  • Provides administrative support to the director of academic resources, including entering accounts payable, reconciling time sheets and ledgers, and preparing and entering travel
  • Supports and serves as back-up to other administrative assistants on the floor
  • Manages the conference room and orders supplies

Karen West

Business Manager, Academic Affairs                                                      

  • Manages the day to day operations of the provost office budget
  • Oversees the financial and human resources operations of academic affairs units
  • Develops, implements, and manages department E&G and restricted budgets

Alissa Sommerfeldt

Communications Specialist, Provost’s Office

  • Manages communications & marketing needs for the Provost’s Office.
  • Develops and implements social media and email campaigns on behalf of the Provost’s Office
  • Collaborates with division communicators to promote initiatives to campus audiences