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Textbook Ordering


Summer Semester: February 1st
Fall Semester: February 15th
Spring Semester: September 15th


On-time textbook adoptions increase the chances that the University of Tennessee Bookstore — now called the Volshop — will be able to provide large quantities of inexpensive, used books for students. Although there will be some unavoidable changes in instructors’ textbook lists after the Volshop website opens, we ask that you make every attempt to provide accurate and complete book requests to which you are firmly committed.  This will allow students to comparison shop with confidence using information supplied through the Volshop website, as required by the Tennessee Legislature.

Only the Volshop accepts financial aid for scholarship students, as well as the Volcard, for textbook purchases. If the Textbook Office does not have your course material information, it creates hardships for students who must purchase materials through the Volshop in order to use their financial aid to do so. Students are able to use the Volshop website to comparison shop from several leading online textbook vendors, including Amazon, Chegg, Follett, and Half. Students can shop for the lowest price while taking advantage of unique shopping options such as obtaining a personalized book list and using their Volcard for purchasing books. Statistics indicate that 92% of the students who use the Volshop site choose to purchase course materials through their official campus store.

The Volshop also has an Online Faculty Adoption feature. The Volshop continues to accept orders via hand delivery, campus mail, and fax, but encourages faculty to use the online method by visiting   At the site, look for the “Textbook” tab and “Faculty Adoptions” from the drop down menu. (There is also a tutorial video available on the site).

The Inclusive Access program is now available for instructors who want to offer lower priced course materials for their students.  This program provides materials in digital format through the LMS by negotiating with publishers for a reduced price when the entire class participates. The cost is charged to student accounts and access is available on the first day of class.  To obtain more information, contact Volbooks at 974-1047 or

In an effort to make your courses accessible to individuals with disabilities, please ask publishers whether your course materials are available in an accessible format. If so, alert the Volshop and your students to the availability of these accessible materials.

State legislation also requires that when a publisher provides free copies of textbooks for student use, these books should be placed on library reserve or in a place of easy student access. I especially encourage you to donate examination copies of textbooks to the Office of Multicultural Student Life’s Book Loan Program. Doing so will help us meet the needs of students who find the cost of textbook purchases prohibitive. For more information about the Book Loan Program, please contact Ronni Williams, Associate Director for Retention and Student Engagement, at 865-974-6861 or You may also deliver books directly to the Frieson Black Cultural Center to add them to the Book Loan program’s inventory of textbooks.

Thank you in advance for placing your book orders by the deadline for each semester, for inquiring with textbook publishers regarding accessible course materials, and for considering providing the Office of Multicultural Student Life with examination copies of textbooks.