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Industry Partnerships

CECS is driven by future careers and the skills they require. Industry partners will play a key role in our curriculum development, course offerings, teaching, and out of classroom experiences for our students.

How can you engage:

  • Share with us any new skills, topics, careers that you encourage us to invest in
  • Serve in our advisory board to steer our direction
  • Work with our faculty to develop and teach courses
  • Mentor/sponsor our internship/research/capstone courses
  • Provide research/capstone topics annually
  • Mentor/sponsor/hire our students
  • Participate in our events, seminars

For more information, please contact

Meet Our Data Science Leadership

Stephen Espy

Chief Data Officer
Tennessee Department of Health



Debadutta Mohapatra

Senior Vice President, Consulting Services
CGI Group, Inc.



Ameet Shetty

Chief Data Officer
Pilot Company



Vijay Srinivasan

Senior Vice President
CGI Group, Inc.



Chad Steed

Distinguished Research Staff and Group Leader



Kim Weinzierl

Director of Data
Radio Systems Corporation

Ozlem Kilic

Executive Director, UT Data Science Program
Interim Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Dean, College of Emerging and Collaborative Studies
University of Tennessee

Suzie Allard

Associate Dean for Research
Director of Research and Innovation Center
College of Communication and Informaiton
University of Tennessee

Katherine Ambroziak

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research
College of Architecture and Design
University of Tennessee


Chuck Collins

Executive Associate Dean
Department of Mathematics
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Tennessee


Kristina Gordon

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
University of Tennessee


Lane Morris

Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs
Haslam College of Business
University of Tennessee


Javonda Williams Moss

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
College of Social Work
University of Tennessee


John Stier

Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Herbert College of Agriculture
University of Tennessee