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Academic Calendar Committee

In an effort to create an optimal academic experience for UT students and maximize our resources, Provost John Zomchick has approved a restructuring of the university’s Academic Calendar Committee. The new structure will bring together key members of the university community to create, develop, and maintain operating guidelines to be considered in planning the University academic calendar.  Due to the many new academic initiatives underway, such as the implementation of a Winter Mini Term, creating an academic calendar is a complex task, requiring thoughtful input from numerous partners across the university.

The information below outlines the committee charge and new membership structure.


The Executive Academic Calendar Committee reports to the Provost, is chaired by the University Registrar and is charged with:

  • Developing and maintaining operating guidelines to be considered in planning the University academic calendar.
  • Convening at least once per academic year with additional meetings called, as needed.
  • Developing recommendations for a 3-5 year plan of academic calendars which will include:
    • Starting and end dates for instructional periods
    • Mini term recommendations
    • Breaks and holidays
    • Examination periods
    • Commencement and Graduate Hooding dates
  • Engaging additional campus stakeholder representatives (designated below) in the annual convening and calendar development process.
  • Submitting recommendations and proposed academic calendar recommendations to the Provost and Chancellor for approval.
  • Upon approval, the University Registrar will distribute and publish the academic calendar(s).

Executive Academic Calendar Committee – 7 members

  • University Registrar – Chair
  • Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • 1 Academic College representative appointed by Dean (annual rotation with different colleges)
  • Athletics representative
  • Access and Engagement representative
  • Graduate School representative
  • Student Success representative

Campus Stakeholder Representatives

  • 2 Academic College representatives appointed by Dean (annual rotation with different colleges)
  • Auxiliary Services representative
  • Center for Global Engagement representative
  • Faculty Senate representative
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships representative
  • Graduate Student Senate representative
  • Human Resources representative
  • Research and Engagement representative
  • SGA representative
  • Student Life representative
  • University Bursar representative