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What is Interfolio?

Faculty searches are a balancing act for institutions. Interfolio designed Faculty Search to facilitate an easier and more transparent search process for everyone from committee members to administrators, diversity officers to the applicants themselves.  This online applicant tracking and recruitment system allows you to collect, view and discuss application materials securely.

Important notes:

UTK faculty positions that are required to follow the OED academic search process, including tenure-track or department heads/directors, should be created in Interfolio by the department or college respectively, using the position type “UTK Tenure Track Faculty”. To post all other positions, including UTK Non-Tenure Track and all UTIA faculty positions, contact HR to post the position.

Workflow in Interfolio at the steps of Creating a Position and Closing a Position take the place of the Request to Search and the Request to Make an Offer forms for UTK Tenure Track searches. A new process for the Narrative Summary has been developed. Click here for detailed steps to complete the Narrative Summary Online Form and the Narrative Summary Interfolio Report.

Getting Started:

Log in with NETID and password at

Help Documentation (with screenshots)

  1. Creating a Position Posting
  2. User Roles in Interfolio
  3. Adding or Editing Document Requirements
  4. Managing a Position
  5. Create an Application on Behalf of An Applicant Or Add Materials on Behalf of Applicant
  6. A Committee Manager’s Guide to Faculty Search
  7. An Evaluator’s Guide to Faculty Search
  8. An Applicant’s Guide to Interfolio Faculty Search
  9. Read and Evaluate Applications
  10. Submitting a Selection for Approval: Closing a Position
  11. Reporting


Contact for assistance with adding new users to Interfolio or for help with adding Committee Managers to your position. A Committee Manager must be added to your org before you can add them to your position or before they can create a position in your org.


The first stop for questions about Interfolio is the Interfolio help page.  If you are still having trouble setting up your search or viewing applications, please contact the Provost’s office at

Log In Issues:

You may log in to Interfolio using the link below. You will need your NETID and password.


If you are having issues with your NETID, password, or two-factor authorization, please contact the OIT Helpdesk at 974-9900 or at

Merging Interfolio Accounts:

If you have a current Interfolio Dossier account, you can merge your old account with your new UT account for easy use.

  • UT cannot view your personal dossier data.
  • Merging is a permanent process.

Follow the instructions found at this link to merge your accounts.