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2023-2025 Cluster Hiring Initiative: Letter of Intent Submission

Upload your letter of intent documents below for the It takes a Volunteer 2023-2025 Cluster Hiring Initiative. Letters of Intent should be no longer than 2 pages and should describe:

  • the interdisciplinary domain upon which the cluster will focus
  • how the domain chosen meets the criteria for cluster hiring described in the announcement about the initiative
  • faculty and colleges/schools/institutes/centers leading the proposed cluster
  • how many faculty will be recruited and at what levels;
  • the cluster’s translational impact; and,
  • an estimated budget.

Letter of Support: One letter of support with the signatures of all cognizant deans, department heads, institute and center directors should be provided with each letter of intent (deans, department heads, institute and center directors are considered cognizant IF one or more of the faculty to be hired are likely to have a partial or full appointment within their unit).