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cluster hires

After much consideration, two proposals have been chosen to undergo a final review to be our next cluster hires: Quantum […]

The selection process for the next two cluster hires is progressing, with six proposals now moving into the next level […]

With 18 proposals in hand for two open-topic research clusters, a multidisciplinary committee of faculty has been appointed to begin […]

I’m pleased to tell you that we have received 18 proposals for our two open topic research clusters. The proposals […]

This past fall, we announced that our first cluster hire would be in the area of data sciences. While that’s moving forward, we’re now calling for proposals for two additional clusters.

We’re planning to make a series of cluster hires that will allow us to build upon our existing and emerging expertise in order to make a real difference in addressing major societal issues. We’ll be looking for help from you as we embark upon this process.