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Improvements to Elements

Elements, the faculty activity reporting system, has undergone some small changes that will make it easier to use and more helpful to faculty.

  • The Elements h-index has been added back to each faculty profile.
  • Revisions to the presentation type within the publications section will let the system capture more information about presentations. This type is now recommended for recording all presentation activities, including presentations given at professional conferences.
  • Options under publication activity have been cut in half, although faculty in departments requiring the full 38 options will continue to see them. Previously entered data will not be affected by this change.
  • All publication types now have a required field for publication date. The date entered will be used to order citations and other activities in the workload and any future reports.
  • Various activity templates are being redesigned to make data entry easier.

Coming Soon: Web Pages for all Faculty

A public web page will be available soon for each faculty member with a profile in Elements who chooses to make their information public. The feature will be piloted this spring in the Tickle College of Engineering. Watch for further announcements about this development.

A New Elements User Group Launches

A newly formed Elements User Group, consisting of faculty from several colleges, will meet once a semester to review and recommend changes and improvements to the system.

Send suggestions to Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs John Zomchick at