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Cluster Hiring Initiative: Update and Appreciation


The Office of the Provost and the Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development received 51 letters of intent for the It Takes a Volunteer: 2023-25 Cluster Hiring Initiative.

Eighteen projects have been selected to advance to the final stage of the competition. We were impressed and delighted by the participation and by the incredible creativity, sense of service, innovation, and collaboration reflected in the letters of intent.

We also greatly appreciate the 12 faculty reviewers who generously dedicated their time in July to assess the letters of intent.

Final proposals are due September 9. We are excited to see the proposals and the launch of these big ideas.

Deborah Crawford
Vice Chancellor for Research

John Zomchick
Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

List of 18 projects advancing to proposal stage

Public Health and Public Humanities

  • Misty Anderson, Susan C. Lawrence, Christopher McNulty, Greg Peterson, Thankam Sunil

The Appalachian Justice Research Cluster

  • Wendy Bach, Eric Amarante, Patricia Bamwine, Derrick Brooms, Michelle Brown, Zach Buck, Doug Coatsworth, Meghan Conley, Sherley Cruz, Patrick Grzanka, Kasey Hendricks, Lois Presser, Joy Radice, Briana Rosenbaum, Tyler Wall

Promoting Resilience, Mental Health, and Wellbeing in Childhood thru Young Adulthood

  • Doug Coatsworth, Janet Fox, Melinda Gibbons, Kristina Gordon, Jonathan Hess, Casey Barrio Minton, Carole Myers, Lisa Washburn

A Cluster Hiring Proposal for Cyber Security

  • Aly Fathy, Suzie Allard, Tom Berg, Jonathan Ring, Abebe Rorissa, Garett Rose, Scott Ruoti, Jinyuan Sun, Krista Weigand

SHLTER: Sustainable Humane and Low-Carbon Research for Environmentally Responsible Construction

  • David Harper, David Keffer, Dayakar Penumadu, Philip Rack, Timothy Rials

Future Mobility

  • Kevin Heaslip, Chad Autry, John Bell, Stephanie Bohon, John Kobza, Deborah Welsh

Computational Science and Engineering

  • Jian Huang, Greg Peterson, Maryam Rahnemoonfar, Michela Taufer

Science-informed Artificial Intelligence

  • Vasileios Maroulas, Adrian Del Maestro, Thanh Do, Kivanc Ekici, Xiaobing Feng, Anahita Khojandi, Maxim Lavrentovich, Jim Ostrowski, Tony Schmitz, Konstantinos Vogiatzis

Moving UT toward National Leadership in Multi-Messenger Astronomy

  • Anthony Mezzacappa, Xiaobing Feng, Mike Guidry, W. Raphael Hix, Vasileios Maroulas, Hugh Medal, Ionnis Sgouralis

Data-driven Society

  • Nicholas Nagle, Alex Bentley, Michael Berry, Ben Horne, Adam Petrie

Foundational Artificial Intelligence – Closing the Gap to Human Intelligence

  • Hairong Qi, Aaron Buss, David Cihak, Daniela Corbetta, Xiaobing Feng, Lee Han, Qiang He, Fangxing Li, Shuai Li, ChuanRen Liu, Jian Liu, Vasileios Maroulas, Jim Ostrowski, Garrett Rose, Amir Sadovnik, Catherine Schuman, Vandana Singh, Mariam Thalos, Kevin Tomsovic, Dan Wilson, Russell Zaretzki, Xiaopeng Zhao

Food and Nutrition Security

  • Hollie Raynor, Christopher Clark, Tom Gill, Denita Haziabdic-Guerry, Kristen Johnson, Debra Miller, Brynn Voy, Tami Wyatt

Building the Regional Green Economy Cluster

  • Jon Shefner, Ann Allgood Berry, Stephanie Bohon, Chien-fei Chen, Mingzhou Jin, Nikki Luke, Shalaunda Reeves, Tony Schmitz, Christopher Sneed, Kevin Tomosvic

Bioinformatics and genomics-based solutions for food security under a changing climate

  • DeWayne Shoemaker, Gary Bates, Caula Beyl, Heidi Goodrich-Blair, Linda Martin, Greg Peterson, Hongwei Xin

Neutron Science

  • Alan Tennant, Mark Dadmun, Manolis Doxastakis, Takeshi Egami, Nadia Fomin, Jian Huang, Maik Lang, Maxim Lavrentovich, Vasileios Maroulas, Katharine Page, Gila Stein, Steve Zinkle

Carbon-Neutral Agriculture and Forestry

  • Jie (Joe) Zhuang, Julie Carrier, Chris Clark, Don Hodges, John Kobza, Sean Schaeffer, Wendy Tate

Environmental Informatics, Impacts, and Policy/Computational Precision Health & Wellness

  • Chris Cox/Tami Wyatt, Tom Berg, Mike Blum, Julie Carrier, Christopher Clark, Courtney Cronley, Joshua Fu, Jon Hathaway, Qiang He, Anahita Khojandi, Xueping Li, Vasileios Maroulas, Nicole McFarlane, Agricola Odoi, Chika Okafor, John Schwartz, Marcy Souza, Christopher Strickland, Jayne Wu, Ji Yoo

Human Computer Interaction/ETHIC: Emergent Technologies and Human Interaction in Computing/Extended Reality and Immersive Technologies in Education

  • Amir Sadovnik/Teresa Walker, Dania Bilal, Michelle Brannen, David Cihak, Amy Elias, Lynn Hodge, Ellen McIntyre, Matthew Mench, Holly Mercer, Barbara Murphy, Greg Peterson, Steven Smith, Cary Staples, Paris Whalon, Jason Young