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Appointment of ORNL-based Joint Faculty (JFO)

Recruitment of a New JFO

Before initiating the process of recruitment and appointment of a new ORNL-based Joint Faculty member, the initiating department should submit the Proposed JFO Recruitment Form for approval to the dean, provost, and Office of Research and Engagement (ORE). The request should include a brief description of the duties the JFO will perform and a justification for the need in the particular area of expertise of the JFO. The department also should describe the method of recruitment (whether through a modified search process or targeted to a particular individual). The form must be approved at all levels mentioned above and the original returned to the initiating department before the beginning of the recruitment.

Appointment of a New JFO

When the department has completed the recruitment and is ready to make an appointment, the department should complete a Recommendation for Joint Appointment Form in addition to the necessary paperwork (contract) for the ORE. This paperwork should be forwarded, along with a copy of the original approved request, a copy of the candidate’s CV, and any other relevant material, to the dean, provost, and ORE for approval. The Office of the Provost will send an offer letter to the new JFO.


According to the ORE, JFO positions are renewed annually. Currently, the assigning unit completes a contract form through the ORE and this form comes directly to the Office of the Provost for signature. In future, the contract, a request for renewal (stating any changes in percentage of employment or duties), and a copy of the JFO’s annual evaluation should come forward from the initiating unit (which is responsible for obtaining the contract) to the dean and provost’s office. A new letter will be written.