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Faculty Mentoring Groups

The purpose of the Faculty Mentoring Groups program is to promote networking and collegiality across university divisions by bringing together faculty members who would not otherwise easily meet.

While most departments provide mentoring within their disciplines, many faculty members also find connections across campus useful and stimulating, both for professional networking and mentoring purposes, and to provide more ways to chat with colleagues about all we are experiencing. This program facilitates small groups (4 to 5 individuals) that provide opportunities for support, networking, and peer mentoring, based on a specific identities and/or areas of interest.

How It Works

Matching. Upon signing up for the program, you will be matched with other faculty members from across campus, in groups of 5 members maximum, based on interests indicated in the registration form.

  • You can choose to participate in groups consisting only of specific demographic groups (e.g. women faculty, faculty of a specific ethnicity or race, and several other options), or faculty of varied demographics.
  • You can also specify professional or social interests, to help focus your group’s activities.

Meeting. Once you have been matched to a group, our staff will provide logistical support for groups to meet several times during the fall and spring semesters. We offer scheduling support to help groups decide when to meet, as well as preparing Zoom sessions and related communication support. We recommend meeting at least twice in the fall and twice in the spring, but how many meetings your group holds—and what you decide to talk about or do in your group—is up to you!

Eligibility. All full-time faculty are welcome to sign up for this program.


To sign up for the program, visit the form found here.

Deadline to sign up is October 8th.