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Instructor Resources and Responsibilities

Here you can find information, resource guides, and step-by-step instructions designed to help instructors carry out some of their basic responsibilities. Instructors who have questions about the topics listed here should contact their department head or college office for more information.

Resources to Support Student Success

The campus has a large number of offices and programs dedicated to student success.  Download this handy reference guide to learn more, and please refer students to these offices and programs as appropriate.

Online and Hybrid Attendance Best Practices

Recognizing a Disengaged Scholar

Copyright Information for Instructors

Instructors generally retain the copyright for their instructional materials.  Learn more about how to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution of your materials.

Resources for Instructors of ABC/N-graded Courses

Beginning in Fall 2020, some undergraduate courses will be offered using a new grading restriction:  ABC/N grading.  This document describes the new grading restriction and provides instructors with recommended syllabus language to explain ABC/N grading to students.

Dealing with Academic Misconduct: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instructors at UT Knoxville have wide latitude to impose academic penalties in response to academic misconduct, which includes cheating, plagiarism, and falsification of data or other information. However, UT’s student code of conduct provides students accused of academic misconduct with a right of appeal. Instructors must inform students of their appeal rights when they impose an academic penalty.

Procedures for dealing with academic misconduct are described in Chapter 10 of the student code of conduct.

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards provides a detailed list of the steps that instructors should take to discharge their responsibilities in cases of academic misconduct.

This list of steps to take also includes a link to a letter template that instructors can use to inform students that an academic penalty has been imposed.

Placing Textbook Orders with the Vol Shop

Visit the Vol Shop website to place orders for textbooks.

Textbook Ordering Deadlines

The Vol Shop is UTK’s on‐campus bookstore, and many students purchase course materials through the Vol Shop. Federal regulations require the Vol Shop website to have accurate information about textbook prices; this information must be available to students at the time they register for a course.

Please visit the Vol Shop website to see instructor deadlines for providing textbook information.

If an instructor cannot provide textbook information to the Vol Shop by these deadlines, federal regulations permit UTK to describe the instructor’s textbooks as “to be determined” on the Vol Shop website.

Course Pack Policies

Some instructors require students to purchase course packs. According to UT System fiscal policies, UTK must take steps to make it possible for students to purchase course packs “at the least possible cost.”

In some cases, the Vol Shop can partner with University Printing to produce course packs that are less expensive than identical course packs produced by off-­campus vendors.  To allow the Vol Shop to assess whether this is the case, instructors should provide the Vol Shop with the table of contents for their course packs at least two months before the beginning of the semester.

Students are not obligated to purchase course packs through the Vol Shop, but UTK must make it possible for students to purchase course packs through the Vol Shop when the Vol Shop can provide these course packs “at the least possible cost.”


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