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Periodic Post-Tenure Performance Reviews

Each tenured faculty member must undergo Periodic Post-Tenure Performance Review (PPPR) no less often than every six years following a comprehensive review (e.g., promotion review, EPPR). Further details about this process can be found in the UTK Faculty Handbook.

September 15th College nominations for faculty undergoing review and serving on committees due to the Provost’s Office
October 13th Faculty undergoing review are notified and PPPR Committees are formed and charged by the Provost’s Office
October 30
November 7
November 15
Training sessions offered for faculty undergoing review and serving on review committees
December 15th Materials due (Faculty, Department Head)
January 12th Review Committees begin work
March 4th Review Committee reports submitted
March 25th Faculty & Department Head response due
April 15th Dean’s review due
May 22 Provost’s review due

The review period is the length of time since the last comprehensive review not to exceed five years. Comprehensive reviews are tenure and/or promotion review, an EPPR, or a PPPR. The review period for most faculty will be the last five academic years:

  • AY 2018-2019
  • AY 2019-2020
  • AY 2020-2021
  • AY 2021-2022
  • AY 2022-2023

However, some faculty’s review periods might be less than five years if they’ve recently had a comprehensive review. For example, if a faculty member was recently promoted three years ago, then the period will be three years.

If a faculty member concluded administrative service less than five years ago, then the review period will be time from the conclusion of the service to the time of the PPPR, but not greater than five years.

Faculty Requirements
Faculty undergoing review are required to submit:

  • A two-page narrative describing milestone achievements and accomplishments during the review period and goals for the next review period
  • A current curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae covering the period under review or an Elements report covering the period under review (whichever document faculty submit for this requirement must provide a complete record of their activities and accomplishments for the period under review).

Department Head Requirements
For each faculty member undergoing review, Department Heads are required to submit:

  • Position of the departmental bylaws that describe performance criteria and expectations for rank
  • TNVoice documents for the review period.  Department heads should exclude reports from spring 2020 if the faculty member elected to have them excluded from their performance reviews.

Office of the Provost
The Office of the Provost will provide the APPRs for the review period.

PPPR is facilitated through Interfolio. Faculty who are undergoing review will receive an email from UTK Interfolio when it is time for them to start uploading materials.  PPPR review committee members and all other administrative reviewers, will also receive an email when the case is ready for review.

Resources for All

Resources for Faculty

Resources for Review Committee Members

Resources for Administrators


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