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ChatGPT Events and Updates

Upcoming Events

There are no events currently scheduled. Please check back for future programs.

Campus Updates

Suggested Course Syllabus Statements

One of the goals of the campus taskforce on the emergence of AI tools in higher education was to develop suggested syllabi language for faculty use. Suggested statements are now available. There are three types of recommend statements: 1) open use, 2) moderate use, and 3) strict use. Faculty are invited to use the suggested statement that best fits their courses.

Principles for the UT Community Engaging with Emerging Technologies

This document presents some general principles that can be used to address the influence of new technologies like ChatGPT as they enter our teaching, learning, and research environment. It is a foundation for discussion and policy development as the UT community works with emerging technology, such as AI, within the paradigms and practices of their disciplines. This document was created by the ChatGPT Philosophy Committee, comprised of members representing a variety of disciplines and these diverse perspectives informed its development.

Notes from Past Events

Student Engagement in the Age of AI

April 27, 2023
10–11 a.m.

Assessing Student Learning in the Age of AI

April 13, 2023
2–3 p.m.

For the second session of this semester’s three-part event series supporting AI use in the classroom, Chris Lavan, associate vice provost for faculty affairs and executive director of Teaching and Learning Innovation (TLI), and Deepa Deshpande, faculty consultant for curriculum development in TLI, co-hosted a discussion using Beckie Supiano’s article, “Will ChatGPT Change How Professors Assess Learning?” from The Chronicle of Higher Education. The conversation was rich and robust as attendees engaged in both group discussion and breakout groups using Jamboards to think through the implications of AI on assessment and share effective strategies for measuring student learning.

View slides from this session here.

Classroom Expectations in the Age of AI

March 30, 2023
10–11 a.m.

For the first of our three-part campus event series supporting AI use in the classroom, Xiaopeng Zhao, professor in the Tickle College of Engineering, and Zoi Traga-Philippakos, associate professor in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, were asked to share their earned experiences developing successful classroom environments that are inclusive of artificial intelligence. Attendees were able to listen to their perspectives, learn through group discussion, and gain knowledge on effective approaches for connecting their students to A.I. in ways that fostered inclusive learning.

Spring 2023 Workshops

Learn more about the ChatGPT initiative, including events and campus deliverables.

The Power and Peril of Emerging AI in Education: Announcing our Campus Plan

March 9, 2023
4–5 p.m.

During this session, attendees received updates about information gathered, and direction planned, for the campus regarding future AI conversations, resources, and events for the remaining portion of the spring 2023 semester. Slides were presented highlighting campus leaders, next steps regarding known campus AI needs, and projects that would be addressed for improved AI support. The individual AI subcommittee met, and additional information was collected to enhance ongoing campus planning.

View slides from this event here.

The Power and Peril of Emerging AI in Education: Developing our Campus Plan

February 21, 2023
4–5 p.m.

Read a summary from this event here.

The Power and Peril of Emerging AI in Education: Sharing Experiences, Concerns, Excitement

February 9, 2023
2–3 p.m.

Read a summary from this event here.